Magnum Run Kennels offers a wide variety of services to its clients from gundog training, hunt test prep, running client's dogs in hunt tests, puppy head start, and outside run boarding.  Our  training, and success rate with our dogs is second to none.  We provide training that will get your dog ready for the retriever games, the field and the marshes. 

Our hunt test prep classes can help prepare your dog as well as the trainer/handler, thus getting them ready for the upcoming test season.  We love hunt tests and feel that they are the most realistic and provide the best way to set up your retriever for success in the field, as well as, the retriever games just like the hunting world.

Vet Services Provided by Scott Russell DVM, Jonathan Elliott DVM, and Janet Putman LVT

At Magnum Run Kennels your pet's health is of the most importance to us.  We use the services of Dr. Scott Russell, and Dr. Jonathan Elliott of Deerfoot Animal Hospital located in Trussville, Alabama. These are two of the greatest vets I know.  They and their staff always go that extra mile to put their clients first.

Both vets are very knowledgeable and caring vets.  I am so pleased to  have had the pleasure to work with both of these wonderful people.  They are up to date  on the latest treatments available for the pet owner.  

Janet Putman LVT, is the main medical person in charge at MRK.  She consistently makes sure that all dogs are performing at their peak performance and operating at optimal medical health.  Janet is on staff at the kennels 24/7.  She is extremely knowledgeable and up to date on the latest changes coming down the pipeline in the animal world.  She too is a lab owner and has a passion for labs and all animals.  We are very excited to have her here and welcome any and all questions and know that your family member will be in the best position to receive top of the line medical care if needed from an outstanding LVT.  Thank you Janet for all that you do.