SHR FTW Magnum Run's Maggie Mae aka "Maggie"  ( RETIRED)

CNM,PRA clear. Hips OFA cert. Maggie is a hard charging well built female.  She has all the drive you could ever want in a hunting or test dog.  With the combination of drive, keen senses, and bidability this is one retiever that you need to see.  Maggie won her first British Field Trial at the age of 7 months!!  She has picked up more birds than I can count.  Click here Maggie's pedigree.  (PDF file)

Updated pedigree of Maggie's showing newer titles on her bloodlines.


Misty Marsh's Jammin Gemma "Gemma"

CNM, PRA, are both clear.  Hips good.  Gemma is the go getter here.  She has all kinds of drive and loves to work.  Her pedigree boasts some of the best dogs in the country. Gemma pedigree.




Magnum Run's Little Miss Suize Q "Suzie"

CNM, PRA, & Hips are all Clear.  Suzie is a great little dog.  She has such an innate desire to please.  She is so very biddable and birdy to boot.  Suzie is our little British female with some excellent dogs in her bloodline from across the pond.  Click here for Suzie Q pedigree. (PDF file)



Magnum Run's Midnight Storm "Stormy"  

CNM, PRA, & Hips are all Clear. Ms. Stormy is now retired and enjoying being momma-bear to all the other dogs in the kennel. Click here for Stormy's pedigree. (PDF file) ***RETIRED