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We provide a comprehensive training program that is second to none.  It is modeled after some of the most proven methods in place.  Our methodology is based on attrition, and low force approach to get the most out of your gundog.  Magnum Run Kennels prides itself on this training method.  Being hunters and Hunt test competitors we know what our clients expect from a great dog . We have started dogs for sale from time to time.  Please call for details.

Magnum Run Kennels offers puppies from some of the best bloodlines in the country.  We breed our dogs out of a love and want to for an improvement of the breed.  Our dogs and puppies are socialized on a daily basis.    We offer black, yellow, and chocolate British & American bred dogs.  Our dogs are out of British and American field trial champions, GRHURCH hunt test dogs, along with upland hunters.  Our dogs possess a drive and a hunting desire second to none.   We feel that best attributes are offered by MRK Labradors, and they are at home with you in the home, on the most challenging  test / trial, or in the toughest hunting conditions.   The British labrador has long been known for its game finding ability, great demeanor, and ease of training.  The American Labrador has long been associated with the desire and drive.  Magnum Run Kennels can offer the discriminating customer the opportunity to have a dog that can be at home both in the duck blind or in the den by the fireplace.    

If you are ready to own the dog of a lifetime, that will be the best, hunt test / field trial,  hunter or family companion, a Magnum Run Kennel dog is your best investment. 



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We are just moments away from downtown Birmingham.  This provides easy access for customers to come to see their family members while they are here for training.



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With limited time available to spend training our puppy, I have been very impressed with the progress he has made in a very short time. His obedience and Gun Dog training has progressed nicely. This, coupled with his natural instinct and drive to retrieve, has been fun and exciting to see what he might become. At 4 months old, our Magnum Run Pup has exceeded our expectations. We really are enjoying Buck. He is doing great and is only held back by my inability to spend as much time as I want with him. We still have work to do but he is doing great.
— Brett Winslette
I couldn’t be more happy with my dog, Bella, from magnum run kennels! Mike’s work is unbelievable and has made Bella more than just an amazing duck dog, she is part of the family. I have to give Mike and his staff all of the credit for what they have done for Bella! She will definitely not be the last dog I have Mike train! Thanks so much Mike and Frank!
— Edward Aldag
I had hunted with other dogs Mike had trained and had been very impressed. When I bought a new Golden Puppy from a very good bloodline it was evident pretty early on that the dog had too much “go” for me to be able to handle field training in the afternoon after work. I delivered a very energetic, out of control 1 year old puppy to Mike in March of 2014. In July Mike returned to me a well-mannered, under control, retrieving machine. What’s more, it was clear that the dog loved Mike and loved training and working with him. Mike does things the right way and you get what you pay for. I could not recommend him more highly.
— Stan B., Partner, Balch & Bingham LLP
A friend recommended Mike Adams and Magnum Run Kennels to me five years ago. This past July, I got my second lab from Mike, a chocolate lab named Doc. Doc is only five months old, but I have been extremely pleased with his development up to this point. We still have a long way to go, but he has great instincts and is very trainable. Mike is a great guy and runs a first class kennel. He is extremely knowledgeable on all things to do with labs and retrievers. He was very helpful and flexible in assisting us in picking out our puppy. Mike and I keep in touch on how things are going with the new pup, and he is always quick to reply to my questions and give great advice. I would highly recommend Mike Adams to any one looking for a high quality lab
— Will Vandervoort.
Mike, I can’t thank you enough sir. Bailey continues to get better daily. We are now working on 80 yard blinds and higher level casting drills. It is a pure joy to see her work and how much she enjoys her job. You did an outstanding job with her and it shows every time she gets a new concept. You did a great job laying down a solid foundation that I can slowly build on. Building on that foundation is a shear joy. Thank you again for the great work. If anyone needs a dog trained the way it should be send your dog to Mike and watch it blossom into a machine.
— Casey Schoob



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we are

 A small run kennel in Gardendale, Alabama, just north of Birmingham.  We have a true love for the proper breeding of Labrador Retrievers.  Each dog we own is a true member of the family.    I started training dogs when I purchased my first Labrador years ago, Jake.  I have found that I have a true gift with dogs and would love to speak with you about training your family member.  Since we are small, please call to reserve your training slot in advance.  This provides the ability to offer your dog special one on one attention. Marsia Applegate and myself want to "Thank you" for taking the time to look at our website and learn more about us and our kennels.

Our Business

We at Magnum Run Kennels

Use the British training Methodology, coupled with many of Mike's tried and true abilities.  We do not routinely use electric collars unless discussed with our client beforehand.  Mike has access to wonderful creeks and ponds for water training.  Puppies can be sent to us as early as six months of age, or when permanent teeth are in.  If you have a younger puppy and are interested in puppy preschool, please call us for details.  

Who We Are

Mike is an

Avid waterfowl hunter.  He loves the outdoors and spending time with the dogs and enjoying the time spent with them.  He enjoys providing top notch care to the new puppies and the providing the routine medical care for the dogs.  We use Deerfoot Animal Hospital.  Our kennels are covered with many areas for the dogs to run and play.  Our birthing suite is climate controlled and indoors.  We would love to meet you and show you around, please give us a call for an appointment